"The Invisible Class"

June 24, 2021
START TIME: 6:30 pm  |  END TIME: 8:30 pm

The Invisible Class explores what it truly means to be homeless in America, challenging stereotypes and examining the systemic causes of mass homelessness in the wealthiest nation in the world. From coast to coast the film is a day in the life of homelessness across America. Previously American documentary films on homelessness tend to focus on small subsections of people. While this is definitely an important aspect of contemporary homelessness, it's also only a sliver of the overall situation of an ongoing machine that creates and perpetuates mass homelessness and has for 40 years. Mass homelessness isn’t the failure of the system, it’s the system functioning as it was designed.


We will watch the film together via Zoom and then engage in a group discussion.


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