Associates partner with the Sisters of St. Francis in radically living gospel values of active nonviolence and peacemaking. Associates espouse compassion, diversity, equality, and inclusivity as they respond to God’s love.


Associates respond to a desire to embrace the Clinton Franciscan mission. They aspire to understand and embody the mission of active nonviolence and peacemaking by living it more deeply in their daily life. They are nourished by mutual support, fellowship, and relationships shared with the Sisters of St. Francis, Sojourners, and each other.  Regular gatherings, common prayer, and Franciscan study enrich their commitment to the mission.


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"The inclusive vision of the founding members of the Associate Partnership opened the door for my husband and I to develop a caring, supportive, and spiritual connection with the Sisters of St. Francis as we study, pray, and socialize together."
- Associate Kathy Youmans Driscoll


Clinton Region


Associate Partnership Coordinators: Michael Marie Burns, OSF; Deborah Jacobsen; and Lanie Lass


Cindy Barnhart

Barbara Brinkman

Brenda Connell

Deacon Arthur Donart, S.F.O., PhD.

Brian Driscoll

Kathy Youmans Driscoll

Mary Anne Enoch

Sharon Gilbert

Beverly Goebel

Patricia Griffin

Lydia Halbach

Francie Hill

Sandra Jacobs

Deborah Jacobsen

Agnes Johnson

Marion Johnson

Eleanore Kilcoyne

Bernadette Koch

Lanie Lass

Norma Lindsey

Bob McCarthy

Joyce Ollie

Patricia Outzen

Allan Rathje

Mary Rickerl

JoAnn Snodgrass

Priscilla Sprague

Beth Van Conia



Chicago Region


Associate Partnership Coordinator: Helen Bleth


Helen Bleth

Maureen Collins

Mary Jo Harper

Bob Ketelsen

Maria Carmen Pedroza

Mary Ann Ryk

Connie Saldivar

Margaret Sharma, S.M.

Sandra Walshon


Western Region


Associate Partnership Coordinators: Patricia Weldon, OSF, and Ellen Flores


Ellen Flores

Sharon Gebauer

Maxi Imson

Lodi Pippen