A Sojourner responds to a covenant call to live and be transformed by the Clinton Franciscan way of life and its mission of living and promoting active nonviolence and peacemaking.


Sojourners embrace a commitment to prayer, study, reflection, and conversion of heart. They accept a mentor as they walk a mutually-supportive relationship with the Sisters of St. Francis. The Sojourner expression is a journey nurtured through prayer, contemplation, and action that is internally driven and uniquely individual.


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"Being a Sojourner has taught me to slow down and let the peace of God surround me."
- Sojourner Gail Burkamper


Sojourner Coordinator: Anne Martin Phelan, OSF


Connie Beck

Marguerite Bloch

Gail Burkamper

Jayne Connors

Gabriela Egging

Louis Egging

Julie Fawley

Jack Harris

Diana Hughes

Patricia Keys

Rosie McCoy

Ruthann Notz

Richard Roberts

Shelly Seifert

Todd Seifert