A Sojourner responds to a covenant call to live and be transformed by the Clinton Franciscan way of life and its mission of living and promoting active nonviolence and peacemaking.


Sojourners embrace a commitment to prayer, study, reflection, and conversion of heart. They accept a mentor as they walk a mutually-supportive relationship with the Sisters of St. Francis. The Sojourner expression is a journey nurtured through prayer, contemplation, and action that is internally driven and uniquely individual.


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"Being a Sojourner has taught me to slow down and let the peace of God surround me."
- Sojourner Gail Burkamper


Sojourner Coordinator: Anne Martin Phelan, OSF


Connie Beck

Marguerite Bloch

Gail Burkamper

Jayne Connors

Gabriela Egging

Louis Egging

Julie Fawley

Jack Harris

Diana Hughes

Patricia Keys

Rosie McCoy

Ruthann Notz

Richard Roberts