Associate Partnership

An Associate is a woman or man of faith who seeks to live the Gospel in the Franciscan spirit for the purpose of  spiritual growth in prayer, ministry, and community, who forms a non-vowed partnership with the Sisters of St. Francis. Associates come from all walks of life.


Associates respond to a desire to embrace the Clinton Franciscan mission of living and promoting active nonviolence and peacemaking. They aspire to understand and embody the mission by living it more deeply in their daily life. They are nourished by mutual support, fellowship, and relationships shared with the Sisters of St. Francis, Sojourners, and each other. Regular gatherings, common prayer, and Franciscan study enrich their commitment to the mission.


One enters into partnership with the Sisters of St. Francis by:


  1. Participating in community-building opportunities such as Associate meetings, regional meetings, and gatherings (if possible).

  2. Gaining an understanding of Franciscan spirituality.

  3. Getting to know individual members of the community.

  4. Going through a process of discernment of readiness with a Regional Coordinator.


"As a Franciscan Associate, I have been nurtured and challenged. The Franciscan charisms have helped inform and enrich my relationship with God and all of creation. Living in the joy of the Gospel, I'm challenged daily to be a visible presence promoting those charisms for the good of all God's people."
- Associate JoAnn Snodgrass

Upon successful completion of these steps, candidates are invited to fill out and return an application form before making a formal commitment for a period of three years.


To learn more about becoming an Associate of the Sisters of St. Francis, view the Associate Partnership brochure and/or Associate Partnership Handbook. Call us at 563-242-7611 for more information, or click on the Contact Us form.