Administrative Office

The Administrative Office building was constructed in March 2009. Perched on a hill overlooking Springdale Drive, the building provides twelve offices, a workroom, conference room, kitchenette, and full basement, all in a very environmentally friendly manner.

The building provides offices for the congregation's Leadership Team, General Secretary, Finance Department, Communications Department, Development Department, and Franciscan Peace Center.

The Administrative Office was designed and built to reflect our commitment to care for the Earth by practicing and promoting conservation and mindful consumption and by working toward a sustainable way of living.


HVAC System

The Administrative Office is served by a geo-thermal heating, ventilating, water heating, and air conditioning system. Geo-thermal heat pumps are the most efficient heating and cooling system available. There is no use of natural gas or fossil fuels.


The hallways and interior rooms all have Solar tubes - domes on the roof which capture sunlight, reflect it, and direct it into the building for reduction in electricity use. The Stratus Lights in the building are high-efficiency light fixtures using long-lasting T-8 fluorescent lamps. Interior windows bring natural lighting to the centrally located workroom.


Native flowers and trees have been planted around the building to enhance its beauty and to provide a buffer against wintry winds. Circling the building are VAST® Composite Pavers which form the walkways. The pavers are made from over 95% recycled tires and plastics.


The flooring is Marmoleum, a covering made from predominantly harvestable, natural raw materials and processed via an environmentally friendly procedure without any harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or other toxic chemicals. Marmoleum is a sustainable product, allergen free, and biodegradable. The carpeting in the entryways is recyclable and the carpeting in the conference rooms has recycled content and is recyclable.


The water-based paint is low in VOCs, containing no petroleum-based solvents, and allowing much lower emission of potentially harmful gases. It contains no or very low levels of heavy metals and formaldehyde. Wood was used for doors and trim, again eliminating petroleum products.


The 6-inch outer walls have highly energy-efficient insulation made of cellulose- recycled newspaper. Ceiling insulation exceeds energy efficient standards.


All the offices are on outside walls and all have thermo-pane windows which also provide natural light and reduce the use of electric lighting.