White Supremacy and American Christianity: Moving Towards Beloved Community

April 6, 2024
START TIME: 11:00 am  |  END TIME: 1:30 pm

Join NETWORK for the fourth conversation between Fr. Bryan Massingale and Dr. Robert P. Jones!


In NETWORK’s White Supremacy and American Christianity series, we have explored the roots of white supremacy and its connection to Christianity in the United States. We took a deep dive into how it continues to manifest in our churches, our society, and our politics. We also looked at how this consistent ethic of hate poses an existential threat to democracy. Now, in White Supremacy and American Christianity: Moving Towards Beloved Community, we look to the future and explore how we can move beyond white Christian nationalism in the U.S. and promote a vibrant, multi-faith, multi-racial democracy where every person can thrive, without exception.


In dialogue once more with Fr. Bryan Massingale of Fordham University and Dr. Robert P. Jones of the Public Religion Research Institute, we will hear what it means, especially in this election year, to build a better tomorrow by eradicating the structures and attitudes of racism that perpetuate harm in our society. We will also meet young adults who are actively building the beloved community. They will share with us how their faith guides their work and how they’re engaging in the 2024 Election.


Registration link: https://www.mobilize.us/network/event/609978/

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