16 Sep 2018
Encountering Racism Panel Discussion



Panelists Tahera Rahman, Dr. Bianca Sola-Perkins, and Ty Perkins listen as Dr. Savannah Mussington speaks about how "very uncomfortable and traumatizing" encountering racism can be. The four spoke at "Encountering Racism" on Sunday, September 16 at the DeWitt Operahouse, an event to commemorate the International Day of Peace as well as Campaign Nonviolence -- both of which take place in September.





Dr. Savannah Mussington, standing, asked volunteers from the audience to select colored beads, representative of people of different ethnic backgrounds. Kemi Busker, Marquise Williams, and Amy Jackson (far right) dropped the beads into a bag in response to questions about the ethnicity of people they had known in childhood and people they know as adults. Panelists Tahera Rahman, (far left), Dr. Bianca Sola-Perkins, and Ty Perkins look on.




Sister Nancy Miller offers a gift of books to Mardell Mommsen. Mardell is the registrar for Clinton Community College and a member of the Racial Justice Hallmark Committee. The books will be added to the committee's diversity library. Mardell spoke to the audience at "Encountering Racism" to remind them to attend the 20th annual Stop the Hate/Show the Love Walk on Thursday, September 20.




"Continue to be empathetic," Ty Perkins, center, advised. "By being here you join in the conversation. It's nice to have folks who don't look like me join in this conversation." The four panelists posed for a photo after "Encountering Racism" at the DeWitt Operahouse today. Panelists were Tahera Rahman, (far left), Dr. Bianca Sola-Perkins, Ty Perkins and Dr. Savannah Mussington.




Barb Arland-Fye, editor of The Catholic Messenger, interviews Dr. Savannah Mussington (left) at the close of "Encountering Racism." Dr. Savannah Mussington is the Partnership Director for the Equal Opportunity Schools organization.




Sister Marilyn Shea, left, speaks with panelist Tahera Rahman following "Encountering Racism" at the DeWitt Operahouse. Tahera spoke to the audience about her experiences as the first woman in hijab to work as an on-air reporter for American television. Tahera is part of the WHBF Local 4 News team.

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