01 Mar 2020
Celebrate Catholic Sisters Week March 8-14

Fifty-two weeks a year women religious fight injustice, stand with immigrants and people living in poverty, teach children, heal the sick, share spirituality, empower women, defend the planet, promote peace, create community, offer hope...


But for one week, March 8-14, we shine the spotlight on the good words and good will of women religious! Join the Clinton Franciscan Associates, Sojourners, and Employees in recognizing past and present sisters as we celebrate Catholic Sisters Week, which began in 2015 as part of National Women's History Month.


We invite you to complete the phrase "Sisters are..." and send it to us by email (csw@clintonfranciscans.com). You're also welcome to share a photograph holding a sign, which can be downloaded HERE. Responses will be displayed at The Canticle and may be posted on our social media channels using the hashtag #CSW2020.

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