26 Sep 2023
Just Living Festival to Promote Nonviolence and Environmental Sustainability

The Franciscan Peace Center is excited to announce the upcoming "Just Living Festival," an engaging and enlightening event focused on promoting nonviolence, environmental sustainability, and community building. The festival will take place on Sunday, October 1, from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM on the grounds of The Canticle – the home of the Sisters of St. Francis, located at 843 Thirteenth Avenue North, Clinton, Iowa.


The Just Living Festival is strategically scheduled during the Campaign Nonviolence Action Days, which span from September 21 to October 2, and also celebrates the Feast of St. Francis on October 4. This event serves as an opportunity to encourage and explore ways to lead a life of nonviolence, in alignment with the Laudato Si' Action Plan, which addresses critical issues such as ecospirituality, Care of Creation, immigration reform, income inequality and basic human rights, human trafficking, nuclear disarmament, and the abolition of the death penalty.


This all-ages festival will feature a diverse range of activities and attractions, including children's activities and crafts, live music, and valuable information on eco-friendly and equitable lifestyles and consumer choices.


Jennifer Kryszak, Director of Strategic Planning for the Franciscan Peace Center says, “We look forward to welcoming the community to this fun event, as we come together to inspire positive change, celebrate our shared values, and promote a more compassionate and sustainable world.”


The Just Living Festival will be co-sponsored by the Clinton Public Library and the Sawmill Museum. The Clinton Public Library will showcase resources related to gardening, creation care, consuming local products, and anti-racism initiatives. They will also introduce their Seed Lending Library, where attendees can access a variety of seeds for planting and contribute to a sustainable future. The Sawmill Museum will provide educational materials about Clinton's lumber industry and emphasize the importance of environmental sustainability. They will engage visitors with eco-friendly crafts for children and a thrilling game of giant Jenga.


Musical entertainment will be provided by the Clintones, a talented local women's choir. Their performances, scheduled from 2:00 PM to approximately 2:45 PM, will feature songs centered around themes of kindness, earth stewardship, and community care.


Living Peace 365 will be distributing children's books that highlight the achievements of black community leaders and emphasize anti-racism. In addition, a captivating puppet show will recount the tale of St. Francis and the Wolf of Gubbio, illustrating how St. Francis employed nonviolence and compassion to bring peace to a town plagued by a ferocious wolf. Puppet show performances will be held throughout the afternoon.


Volunteers from the Share Our Sandwiches program will be available to discuss the pressing issue of food insecurity and how individuals can contribute to this essential ministry.


Attendees can explore a wide array of exhibits related to art, gardening, fair-trade chocolate, and reducing single-use plastics. Kids can also participate in the "Pumpkin for Peace" activity, allowing them to creatively decorate pumpkins while learning about the importance of peace and sustainability.


The Just Living Festival promises to be a fun-filled community-building experience. It offers a warm welcome to The Canticle property, highlighting how the Clinton Franciscan family is actively committed to nonviolence and peace-making while nurturing strong relationships with community partners.

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