03 Nov 2023
"What Is TPS?" Forum to Address Temporary Protected Status and Its Impact on Immigrants in the United States

The discussion on Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and its profound impact on individuals seeking refuge in the United States will take center stage at the upcoming forum titled "What is TPS? A Forum Addressing Temporary Protected Status and Who It Impacts." The event aims to shed light on the challenges and opportunities provided by TPS for immigrants from war-torn regions, including Ukraine, Somalia, and Central American countries.


Scheduled for Wednesday, December 13, from 5:30 to 6:30 PM, the event will be held at Clinton Community College, located at 1000 Lincoln Blvd., Clinton, IA. The forum will feature distinguished speakers:


- Jessica Malott, immigration attorney, Malott Law, PLC.

- Angela Boelens, President, IA NICE.


Malott Law, PLC offers personalized legal representation for a spectrum of immigration issues, staying updated on the latest immigration news and developments to provide effective solutions for their clients' needs.


IA NICE collaborates with local individuals and organizations to create a welcoming, supportive community for newcomer families, aiding their resettlement and connection with local agencies and resources.


Temporary Protected Status (TPS), established by the U.S. Congress in 1990, offers a vital program for migrants whose home countries are deemed unsafe, granting them the right to reside and work in the United States for a temporary, renewable period.


"The mission behind this event is to highlight the significance of TPS and how it provides a crucial lifeline for individuals fleeing conflict and instability in their home countries," said Marsha Thrall, Director of Programming for the Franciscan Peace Center. "Understanding the nuances and impact of TPS is crucial for fostering a compassionate and informed community."


The event is open to the public, and while registration is not mandatory, interested attendees are encouraged to register by contacting Marsha Thrall at mthrall@clintonfranciscans.com.


Sponsored by the Franciscan Peace Center and Living Peace 365, this forum aligns with the missions of the participating organizations:


The Franciscan Peace Center, established by the Sisters of St. Francis, Clinton, Iowa, integrates spirituality with the mission of promoting nonviolence, advocating for various social justice issues, including immigration reform and human rights.


Living Peace 365's mission is to foster a peaceful lifestyle through education and collaboration, bringing together diverse community representatives to promote peace in the Clinton area.


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