A Year of Progress, A Year of Joy: Laudato Si’ Week Reflections 2023

Our Commitment to the Community


Sisters of St. Francis


Since 2003, the Sisters of St. Francis, Clinton, Iowa along with Sojourners and Associates, collectively referred to as the Clinton Franciscans, have taken corporate stands on issues related to social and ecological justice.


These corporate stands grew out of the Clinton Franciscans’ commitment to living out the Gospel message of peace and justice as well as our mission of active nonviolence and peacemaking. Called to live a life of conversion to peace and active nonviolence, the community continues to deepen its knowledge of issues, provide for those in need, advocate for systemic change, and nurture a conversion of heart and mind in themselves and others.


These commitments shaped the 2022-2023 Laudato Si’ Action Plan as six categories of goals relate to the corporate stands on Cry of the Earth, immigration, basic human rights and income inequality, human trafficking, nuclear disarmament, and the abolition of the death penalty. Integrating these goals together is our first goal of ecospirituality, which encourages us to recognize the presence of God in the world and our connections to all of creation.


Having worked on the Laudato Si’ Action Plan for one year now, we have made much progress toward these goals.  To observe Laudato Si’ Week from May 21st to May 28th, Jennifer Kryszak, the Director of Strategic Planning for the Franciscan Peace Center, has prepared a series of reflections that offer some perspective on the progress that has been made and how the Laudato Si’ Action Plan relates to our lives and society.

May 2023

28 May 2023
Ecospirituality: The Goal that Grounds Our LSAP
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27 May 2023
The Power of Relationships to Create Change
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26 May 2023
Education and Action for a Laudato Si’ Future
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25 May 2023
For a Laudato Si’ Future, Prayer is Central
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24 May 2023
Challenges and Commitment
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23 May 2023
Valuing Humanity, Valuing Creation: Promoting a Sustainable Lifestyle
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22 May 2023
Shaping a Mission for Peace and Active Nonviolence
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12 May 2023
Responding to the Cry of the Earth: A Complex Response for Intersecting Issues
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