13 Jul 2023
Episode 1: The Origins of The "Center" - Part 1 (re-run)

During the month of July, The “Center” podcast will be on hiatus from producing new episodes. This hiatus will allow us to plan for creating new content for the upcoming months during the second half of 2023.  


For today’s installment of The “Center”, we will be celebrating our podcast by re-airing our very first episode, “The Origins of the Center – Part 1”.


In our first episode, Sisters Jan Cebula, LaVern Olberding, and Maria Zeimen discuss how the Sisters of St. Francis, Clinton, Iowa began their journey towards living into an ethos of nonviolence and peacemaking, and how the seed of the “Center” – a metaphorical place held within the hearts of the Sisters of St. Francis as they explored the concepts of nonviolence and peacemaking – into what is now known as the Franciscan Peace Center.


Thank you for listening – and we hope that you enjoy this special re-airing of this truly wonderful episode of The “Center”.



Additional Resources: 

Resources and information about peacebuilding and reconciliation from The Center for Justice and Peacebuilding at The Eastern Mennonite University can be found here: https://emu.edu/cjp/resources/


Explore materials from the Nevada Desert Experience programs, as well as materials from the early years of the “Center” here: https://clintonfranciscans.com/file/365/resources%20for%20episode%2001.pdf


Check out this lecture series along with materials curated by The Catholic Nonviolence Initiative: https://dorothydayasaint.info/lecture-series.html

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