The "Center" podcast

Welcome to The "Center”, a twice-monthly podcast series created and produced by the Franciscan Peace Center - a ministry of the Sisters of St. Francis, Clinton, IA. The podcast is focused on the joint mission of both organizations to promote peace and active nonviolence within our local, national, and global communities. Join host Marsha Thrall on the second and fourth Thursday of each month as we explore how active nonviolence and peacemaking are necessary and transformative practices within everyday life.


Please note: The views expressed here are individual views that do not necessarily reflect the views of the Sisters of St. Francis, Clinton, Iowa.

28 Sep 2023
The Franciscan Peace Center - Six Month Update and the Just Living Event
On today’s episode of The “Center” the staff of the Franciscan Peace Center will be sharing information about the good work that has been accomplished within the past year, events that are coming up – including the Second Annual Just Living Festival, and plans for future work sponsored by the FPC.
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20 Sep 2023
International Day of Peace Conversations - Sister Janet Ryan
On today’s podcast, we will be joined by Janet Ryan, OSF. Our conversation will focus on the ways in which Sister Janet’s community at Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation will be celebrating both Campaign Nonviolence from Sept 21 to Oct 2 and the International Day of Peace on Sept 21.
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19 Sep 2023
International Day of Peace Conversations - Sister LaVern Olberding
Today’s special edition of The “Center” is a conversation with LaVern Olberding, OSF. On today’s episode, Sister LaVern shares events that the Franciscan Peace Connection has planned to celebrate the International Day of Peace with their neighbors in the San Diego area.
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14 Sep 2023
Episode 14: Prairie Ecology
Did you know that Iowa was once 80% covered in tall grass prairie land? But, currently, the amount of tall grass prairie land in Iowa is less than .1%.
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24 Aug 2023
Episode 13: The Landscape of Human Trafficking in Iowa
Host Marsha Thrall shares what human trafficking looks like in Iowa, how local communities are working to address systemic contributors to human trafficking, and how we can work together as a community to bring positive change to the landscape of human trafficking.
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10 Aug 2023
Episode 12: What Does it Mean to Do Anti-Trafficking Work?
On today’s episode of The “Center”, host Marsha Thrall is joined by Sisters Ida Green, and Jeanne d’Arc Untz of the Sisters of St. Francis, Clinton, Iowa to talk about the work that they have done to alleviate the problem of human trafficking within the community of Clinton.
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27 Jul 2023
Episode 3: St. Ann's Catholic Church, Baltimore, MD - Part 1 (re-run)
The “Center” is in its final weeks of summer hiatus. This week, we are re-airing part one of the two part conversation with members of the Social Justice Committee at St. Ann's Catholic Church in Baltimore, Maryland.
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13 Jul 2023
Episode 1: The Origins of The "Center" - Part 1 (re-run)
During the month of July, The “Center” podcast will be on hiatus from producing new episodes. This hiatus will allow us to plan for creating new content for the upcoming months during the second half of 2023.
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15 Jun 2023
Episode 11: "Community Gardens and Urban Regeneration"
On today’s episode of The “Center”, host Marsha Thrall is joined by Tamra Jetter, Director of the Vince Jetter Community Center in Clinton, Iowa.
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01 Jun 2023
Episode 10: Gardening and Nonviolence - Part 2
In today’s episode of The “Center”, host Marsha Thrall talks about both the restorative and nonviolent nature of both home gardening and community gardening. 
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