08 Feb 2024
St. Ann’s Baltimore: One-year update

On today’s episode of The “Center”, we’ll receive a one-year update from members of the Social Justice Committee at St. Ann’s Catholic Church in Baltimore, MD on the progress made in the campaign for the canonization of the “Saintly Six”. As our regular listeners may recall, the cause of the “Saintly Six” is a movement led by Black Catholics throughout the United States to have six African American Catholics granted sainthood within the Catholic church through the “Santo Subito” or “declare Sainthood now!” process. The candidates in this process include Mother Mary Lange, Father Augustus Tolton, Mother Henriette Delille, Venerable Pierre Toussaint, Julia Greeley, and Sister Thea Bowman.


During this podcast, we’ll be reminded about how the process of canonization works within the Catholic church, and also the efforts that the Social Justice committee at St. Ann’s Catholic church is making to bring the cause of sainthood for the “Saintly Six” a reality. We’ll also be reminded about the importance of Black representation within the Catholic church.







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