26 Oct 2023
The Impact of the Prison Industrial Complex on Our Communities

On today’s episode of The “Center” we are joined by Dr. Christophe Ringer, associate professor of Theological Ethics, and Society at Chicago Theological Seminary.

Professor Ringer’s research interests include theological and social ethics, African-American religion, public theology, religion and social sciences, religion and politics, critical theory and African-American religion, and cultural studies. He is particularly interested in African American religion as a site for understanding the relationship of self, society, and the sacred as it concerns human flourishing. Ringer’s research currently focuses on the religious and cultural meanings that sustain and rationalize mass incarceration and other forms of social death in American public life.




To read Dr. Ringer’s academic biography, please visit:



Learn more about the Prison Industrial Complex and how it impacts all communities:


Cornell University’s Library website provides an abundance of resources to learn more about the Prison Industrial Complex. Visit it here:



Find out more about Dr. Christophe Ringer’s book Necropolitics: The Religious Crisis of Mass Incarceration in America here:



To learn more about how children’s programming is dealing with the hard topic of incarcerated parents, caregivers, and other family members, visit Sesame Workshop for valuable resources:



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