14 Sep 2023
Episode 14: Prairie Ecology

Did you know that Iowa was once 80% covered in tall grass prairie land?

But, currently, the amount of tall grass prairie land in Iowa is less than .1%.

On today’s episode of The “Center”, we’ll be joined by Kurt Kreiter and Todd Seifert from Our Lady of the Prairie Retreat Center in Wheatland, Iowa, and also Sister Marie Cigrand from the Sisters of St. Francis in Dubuque, Iowa for a meaningful and informative conversation about the importance of prairie land in the state of Iowa. Join us as we talk about the importance of the prairie for our overall ecosystem, the beautiful habitat that the prairie provides for our brothers and sisters who call it home and appreciate some prairie wisdom from those who are stewards of some of the prairie lands that are left to be cared for here in Iowa.




Additional Resources:


Learn more about Iowa’s Prairies here:




To view a comparison map of original prairie space vs. the landscape of remnant prairie in Iowa, visit this website:




To read about the efforts that local conservationists are taking to restore prairie land in Iowa read this article from the Des Moines Register:






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