28 Sep 2023
The Franciscan Peace Center - Six Month Update and the Just Living Event

On today’s episode of The “Center” the staff of the Franciscan Peace Center will be sharing information about the good work that has been accomplished within the past year, events that are coming up – including the Second Annual Just Living Festival, and plans for future work sponsored by the FPC.


Listen in as host Marsha Thrall, Director of Programming, Jennifer Kryszak, Director of Strategic Planning, and Laura Anderson, Director of Digital Outreach and Advocacy for the Franciscan Peace Center share the good news of active nonviolence and peacemaking work, and how it takes shape within their local community and beyond.




Learn more about the Franciscan Peace Center Here:


Read Pope Francis’ Laudato Si Encyclical here:


Learn about the Franciscan Peace Center’s Just Living Festival Here:


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